Agroforestry and Rural Development services

We build solutions to solve the problems in Nigeria’s food supply chain and make the delivery of food from the farm to the kitchen table more efficient.


We believe in sustainable agriculture, and that is why we work to protect exotic tree species and rainforest reserves from extinction.

We are responsible for utilizing earth’s resources while we industrialize to feed Nigeria’s growing population. That is why sustainability is always at the back of our minds with every project we undertake.

More than that, we go several steps further to build projects that replenish nature’s resources and promote

One of such projects is the rejuvenation of the degraded Ala Forest Reserve in Ondo State. In the 3 years since the start of the project, we have reduced the adverse effect of carbon emission on over 100 hectares of land using sustainable carbon capturing and storage methods. We’ve also planted exotic and indigenous species of trees to rejuvenate the forest.

Our end goal is to regenerate the entire 140,000 hectares forest land area.

Balancing the industrialization of agriculture and the use of earth’s resources is the only way to grow food without depleting the environment. We are proud to be championing this cause.


We process raw food materials into finished goods and also advise our partners on the best practices to build sustainable processing plants.

Nigeria has an arable land area of overhectares however there is still a predominant food shortage.

This is because of the production shortfalls and inefficient processing systems in the agriculture value chain, which causes post-harvest losses and reduces the amount of healthy food choices available to consumers.

To fill that demand gap, Nigeria spends over $4.8billion importing food every year.

That is why we are building reliable agro-processing systems that are efficient in processing raw food materials into finished goods. We also advise our partners on the best practices to build efficient processing plants to create value and economic prosperity.

One of such projects is the proposed special agro-processing zone in Ore, Ondo, Nigeria, which will feature a hi-tech 30,000 capacity chicken processing plant, a 30,000 capacity oil palm processing plant and a cassava processing plant.

We are transforming the agro-processing sector; making farming more profitable, increasing food supply to the consumer market, and reducing dependency on export.

Training and Development

While we provide infrastructure for stakeholders to build on, we also teach them the best possible ways to maximize the resources they have.

Building infrastructure in the agriculture industry without filling the knowledge gap that exists will not lead to growth. That is why at SAO Agro, we consider our work done when the relevant stakeholders get the education they need to maximize the resources available to them.

Our training helps stakeholders understand how to increase yield, food quality and create economic impact.

Rural development services

We make sure host communities benefit from the work we do and we also help stakeholders do likewise.

Food security and rural development are connected. So we use our expertise to strategize plans that benefit our partners and the host communities.

In addition, we help our partners unlock value and increase production without damaging the environment.

We are particular about optimizing both the human and natural resources in the host communities, which increases the income of the community members, unlocking lifetime value for them.