Our supply and trading of cocoa and its derivatives are done sustainably.

Cocoa - Nurturing the Heart of Chocolate

Cultivating Cocoa Excellence with Sustainability at Its Core

At SAO Agro, our passion for cocoa is as deep as the rich flavour it adds to your favourite chocolate treats. 

We are committed to ensuring that every step of our cocoa supply and trading journey is steeped in sustainability, quality, and community development.

A Vision for Exceptional Cocoa Trading

Our vision is to create a cocoa trading value chain in Nigeria renowned for delivering only the highest quality cocoa beans. We’re not just traders; we’re cultivators of excellence. We’re tirelessly building the infrastructure needed to trade and supply the finest cocoa beans, nourishing top processing facilities, chocolate factories, and smaller commodity traders throughout the agricultural value chain.

Cultivating Excellence in Ondo State

Our ambitions are as vast as the cocoa plantations we nurture. We’re proud to share our vision for an 8,900-hectare cocoa estate in Ondo State, Nigeria. At full capacity, this estate is estimated to produce a remarkable 20,000 metric tons of cocoa pods per year, accounting for about 10% of Nigeria’s total cocoa production. Beyond the numbers, this endeavour is set to diversify the range of cocoa products in our beloved country.

A Commitment to Quality

Our cocoa beans originate from the most dedicated farmers and suppliers, individuals who uphold the highest quality standards throughout the cocoa production process. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Our rigorous sourcing process includes multiple grading checks adhering to international standards and regulations, ensuring that only the finest cocoa beans find their way to our customers.

Crafting Unique Cocoa Experiences

We understand that diversity is the spice of life, and that applies to cocoa too. That’s why we’re open to collaborating with different processing companies and chocolate makers, each with their unique preferences. Together, we explore various processes to meet our clients’ flavour variety needs. Moreover, we’re forging strong partnerships with suppliers worldwide, enabling us to source cocoa beans directly from their country of origin, delivering the authentic flavours our customers crave.

Building Partnerships for a Sweeter Future

Partnerships are the bedrock of our success. We are actively seeking collaboration with processing companies and chocolate makers who share our passion for cocoa excellence. Our aim is to craft cocoa experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, nurturing strong working relationships with suppliers worldwide to meet the unique needs of our buyers.

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Advisory on Cocoa Projects

We believe in sharing our expertise and passion for cocoa. We’re here to work hand in hand with partners and stakeholders to develop cocoa projects in their communities. These collaborations will not only boost cocoa production but also foster economic growth, creating a sweeter future for all involved.

Partner with us on this journey of quality, sustainability, and the delectable delights of cocoa.