About Us

Investing in clean agricultural practices

We create value across the agriculture food chain.

We are a leading agribusiness that builds sustainable food systems, produce quality food products and advise stakeholders—with the aim of providing healthy food choices for consumers.

Our investment portfolio is strategically curated to ensure we attain economic growth by the selection of a community of growers who are dedicated to the use of clean energy and sustainable agriculture practices


Our vision is to create economic impact projects across Africa through sustainable operations.


Our mission is to build successful & sustainable agribusinesses through long-term investment and continuous support to African communities.

Our priorities

Food Security

We believe that access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food is a basic human right. We are committed to empowering access to food through innovative agriculture.

Social Impact Project Development

Creating impact is always the end goal of every project we build. That is why we are all about sustainable agribusiness projects in communities.


We see it as a sense of duty to create job opportunities through our projects in the communities we work in.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

We explore different methods to train highly skilled personnel who understand how to create value through agribusiness.


We particularly focus on projects that serve as foundations on which other agribusinesses can

Agri Project Investment and Financing

We help our partners map out out large scale projects, evaluate the risks involved, and draw out plans that delivers on their needs.

We are a reliable food producer and a partner of choice for advisory on the development of agricultural enterprises and infrastructure.


We invest in the production and processing of cash crops like cashew, cocoa, oil palm, fruit orchards, cassava and shea


We are focused on improving the quality and quantity of both beef and diary products to farmers' and local markets

Agro Processing

We process raw food materials into finished goods and also advise our partners on the best possible way to build sustainable processing plants

Rural Development

We make sure host communities benefit from the work we do and we also help stakeholders do likewise.


We produce quality poultry products like eggs, chicken, day old chicks and poultry feeds with hi-tech poultry and industrial hatchery equipments.


We believe in sustainable agriculture, and that is why we work to protect exotic tree species and rainforest reserves from extinction.

Training and Empowerment

While we provide infrastructure for stakeholders to build on, we teach them the best possible ways to maximise the resources they have.