Oil Palm

We utilize high-yield scientifically optimized oil palm seedlings on our plantation

We are building a sustainable supply chain of oil palm seedlings and products to serve farmers, retail, and food processing sectors in Nigeria and Africa.

The oil palm has long been valued for its versatility and its cultivation is an excellent source of generating income in Nigeria because of its usefulness. The stems, sap, frond stall, kernel, leaves, and fibre are all useful.

Oil Palm projects

Our 30,000 oil palm nursery will provide farmers in Nigeria with improved seedlings selected and bred for high yield and output. We will then expand this into a 50,000 capacity oil palm nursery to help more farmers in Nigeria increase their yield and profit.

This will also feed into our 10,000 hectare oil palm plantation, which will see us produce up to 8 tonnes oil palm per hectare.

Economic development

The Oil Palm projects will boost economic prosperity and provide job opportunities in the host communities and ultimately take Nigeria a step further in becoming one of the leading oil palm exporters in the world.

Oil Palm Advisory

With a team of Oil Palm specialists, we put in the required knowledge and efforts in order to ensure our stakeholders and clients benefit from the plantation yields.