Oil Palm

We utilize high-yield scientifically optimized oil palm seedlings on our plantation

Oil Palm - Cultivating Prosperity and Sustainability

Unlocking the Potential of Oil Palm

At SAO Agro, we are passionate about harnessing the immense potential of oil palm cultivation. The oil palm is a treasure trove of utility. From its stems to its leaves, every part of this remarkable plant serves a purpose. The sap, frond stall, kernel, leaves, and fibre are all valuable resources that contribute to various industries.


Our commitment to excellence and sustainability drives our efforts to make a significant impact on the agriculture sector through oil palm production in Nigeria and beyond.

Nurturing Excellence in Oil Palm Production

SAO Agro is at the forefront of advancing Nigeria’s oil palm industry with the cultivation of oil palm on our 20,000-hectare expanse of land located in Ore, Ondo State.

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Our vision extends beyond our plantation borders. SAO Agro is dedicated to building a robust and sustainable supply chain of oil palm seedlings and products. This supply chain serves farmers, retail markets, and the food processing sectors not only in Nigeria but across Africa.

Quality Hand-picked Seeds

We utilize Malaysian-sourced oil palm seeds, built to thrive in challenging conditions while delivering remarkably high yields.

Our target is to grow 1 million seedlings every year.

Nursery Capacity

Our farm boasts of superior, high-yield oil palm seedlings with a thriving 50,000 capacity nursery set to expand to 150,000 capacity

Mechanized Farming

Our cutting-edge mechanized farming equipment is an important component of modern agriculture for the increase  of efficiency and productivity.

Future Projections

We envision to produce up to 8 tonnes of oil palm per hectare, significantly contributing to Nigeria’s oil palm production and taking Nigeria a step toward becoming one of the leading oil palm exporters in the World.

Milestones of Impact

Through our oil palm cultivation, we enable sustainable employment opportunities for hundreds of workers every year.

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