Our Farm

Located in Ore, Ondo State - SAO Agro’s solar-powered commercial farm estate, spanning over 20,000 Hectares, is poised to empower over 100,000 farmers by 2025.

SAO is the lead investor developing the Ondo Special Agro Processing Zone supported by Afdb and Ondo State Government in the bid to increase State IGR through national and international agricultural trade.


Our solar-powered 45,000-capacity poultry pens and 1200bph processing line is contributing to the national agricultural input through livestock production and processing. The socio-economic impact of our agricultural activities cuts across the entire value chain.

Oil Palm

Our 20,000-hectare Oil palm estate is set to generate outputs supplied to businesses and customers across different industries. We are set to provide farmers in Nigeria with research-based genetically improved seedlings for higher yield and also quality output.


Our 25,000MT of cassava-producing farm is one of the largest growing cassava plantations in Nigeria. It is positioned to satisfy the local industrial demand for cassava and its constituents hence leading to rural development, poverty alleviation, economic growth and ultimately, food security.


We have a commercial production capacity of over 50,000 fishes and a 3-tonne NAFDAC certified fish processing kilns. This will help boost the growth rate of the fish industry, deliver profits for the farming community and reduce the fish demand gap in Nigeria