Our Team

Meet the Visionaries Behind Our Agricultural Success

At SAO Agro, our strength lies in the passion and expertise of our dedicated team members. We are committed to transforming the agricultural landscape and driving sustainable growth. Get to know the individuals who make it all possible:

Ayo Sotinrin

Chief Executive Officer

Ayo’s visionary leadership drives the integration of local and global resources, boosting local production to meet national demand and expand our global presence.

Vijay Dinkar Dalvi

General Manager

Vijay brings decades of experience to the team as our Senior Plantation Manager. He oversees our entire agricultural operation, ensuring that we meet local demands while reaching for global markets.

Oladotun Oluwamodimu

Senior Oil Palm Supervisor

As the Senior Oil Palm Supervisor, Oladotun plays a pivotal role in maintaining the excellence of our oil palm production. His commitment to quality sets the standard for our entire team.

Moyebi Mobolaji Adedeji

Oil Palm Supervisor

Moyebi is armed with expertise in oil palm cultivation. His dedication to sustainable practices makes a significant impact on the production of high-quality palm oil in our portfolio.

Richard Nsianyan

Plantation Manager

Richard’s green thumb and extensive knowledge of agricultural practices drive the success of our thriving plantations. His commitment ensures that our cash crops are cultivated to perfection.

Kumolu Tolulope Ayomide

Fleet Manager

Kumolu is the engine behind our logistical prowess. With a background in mechanical engineering, he keeps our fleet in prime condition, ensuring that our agricultural operations run seamlessly.

Solomon Eromosele Sanu

Inventory Manager

Solomon is the guardian of our resources. His meticulous management of our inventory and storage facilities guarantees that nothing goes to waste, and our operations remain efficient.

Our collective passion for agriculture, innovation, and community development drives us to excel in every aspect of our work. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for the agriculture sector, one project at a time.

Ready to join hands with our exceptional team?