Core Crops


Sustainable trading and supply of Cocoa products

We envision a cocoa trading value chain in Nigeria that only supplies the highest quality of cocoa beans.

That is why we are working towards building a solid infrastructure which will enable us to trade and supply the best quality of cocoa beans, feed top processing facilities, chocolate factories and smaller commodity traders in the agriculture value chain.

High-quality cocoa beans sourced from the best


Sourcing of beans will be from the finest farmers and suppliers who maintain high quality standards during their production process.

During sourcing, we will carry out multiple grading checks which follow international standards and regulations before supplying to our customers.

We will also be sourcing the beans from producers and farmers that follow the laid down standards in using agrochemicals for farming. This way, only the highest quality of cocoa beans passes through our supply chain.

Bean Flavour Profile

Our beans have a rich powerful floral and fruity notes balanced out with delicate earthy aroma.

We are open to collaborating with different processing companies and chocolate makers who have different preferences. So we can explore different processes to suit your flavour variety needs. We are also building partnerships and strong working relationships with different suppliers across the world who can supply cocoa beans from the country of origin to meet your needs.

Advisory on cocoa projects

We are open to working with partners and stakeholders to develop cocoa projects in their communities. This will help boost the overall production of cocoa and also encourage economic growth in the communities.

An example of this is a proposed 8,900 hectares cocoa estate in Ondo, Nigeria, which we estimate will produce 2MT of cocoa pods per hectare and up to 20,000MT a year at full capacity. That will account for about 10% of the total production in Nigeria.

The cocoa estate will also help diversify the product range for cocoa products.

Oil Palm

Improved variety of Oil Palm seedlings and products for export

We are building a sustainable supply chain of oil palm seedlings and products to serve farmers, retail, and food processing sectors in Nigeria and Africa.

Our 30,000 oil palm nursery will provide farmers in Nigeria with improved seedlings selected and bred for high yield and output. We will then expand this into a 50,000 capacity oil palm nursery to help more farmers in Nigeria increase their yield and profit.

This will also feed into our 10,000 hectare oil palm plantation, which will see us produce up to 8 tonnes oil palm per hectare.

These projects will boost economic prosperity and provide job opportunities in the host communities and ultimately take Nigeria a step further in becoming one of the leading oil palm exporters in the world.