Crops and Livestock

We identify the problems along Nigeria’s food supply chain and build solutions and products to smoothen the efficient delivery of food from farm to fork.


Quality cashew seeds and products for the local markets and export

We are an emerging market leader in cashew production, sourcing and supply in Nigeria. Our ultimate goal is to shape the cashew industry into a more efficient and productive sector.

As part of our strategy to achieve this, we plan to develop a world class cashew processing facility, which will see us process 50 metric tonnes of cashew products per day. This will not only feed Nigerian consumer markets but also establish a steady volume of supply for export into other African countries and outside the continent.


Sustainable supply of Cassava all year round

SAO Agro is on its way to becoming one of the leading market players in the cassava production and processing chain with a footprint across the entire cassava value chain.

AWe have one of the largest growing cassava plantations in Nigeria which is positioned to supply the local market with high quality and healthy cassava products. Our current project in Ore, Ondo state is expected to produce up to 25,000MT of cassava to feed into the supply chain.

It will also generate revenue and create jobs in the host communities while sustainably creating value for the whole agriculture chain.


Processing shea into wide range of beauty products

The current Shea sector is dominated by players who use traditional methods to process shea. This method is not sustainable and does not guarantee quality. We plan to boost this sector by building an advanced shea processing facility which will process 100MT of shea daily into a wide range of finished beauty products.

The state of the art facility is guaranteed to produce only high quality products tailored to consumer needs and also provide job opportunities to 20,000 women.

During production, we will also take the extra effort to follow the requirements which guide the production, processing and distribution of beauty products in Nigeria.

Fruit Orchards

Fruit orchards offer a lot of benefits in communities. They provide a gathering space where people can come together, rest and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In urban areas where industrialisation is common, there is also a high level of air pollution due to gas emissions.

Fruit orchards help to purify the air and provide green spaces where people interact with nature; enjoy the freshness and great air quality.

At SAO Agro we help communities, cities and towns build fruit orchards, which improve their aesthetics and the quality of living in such environments.


An extensive range of poultry products for our customers

Healthy chicken product choices for consumers

We have built extensive infrastructure across the poultry value chain, which not only establishes our expertise but also our commitment to filling the demand for poultry products across Nigeria.

We produce quality poultry products which supply the consumer market and also enable other players in the industry to scale their production.

Infrastructure for the poultry industry

We provide services and infrastructure that other poultry farmers can leverage to scale their operations.

With the experience we have garnered in poultry production, we have deep expertise in setting up poultry projects; regardless of the size and scale.

We tailor our solutions to help our customers and partners increase their poultry performance, prevent mortality of birds and increase profitability. Our competitive advantage is our sustainable approach to production which follows international standard operating procedures from production, to processing, and distribution.

Nothing slips through the cracks for us.

We also work with governments, funders, NGOs and organisations interested in setting up hi-tech and advanced poultry projects to help create value and develop their communities.

An example of this is our 30,000 capacity solar powered poultry farm, which seeks to change the poultry sector in Nigeria.

Cattle and Dairy

Continuous supply of meat and dairy products

The demand for meat and dairy products increases every day with Nigeria’s growing population.

Unfortunately, the cattle industry struggles to meet the demand every year and resorts to importing from other countries to fill the demand gap.

This is because of problems like huge dependency on the pastoralist method of rearing cattle, improper regulation of the sector and inadequate processing facilities. Our services range from planning to execution, which guarantees our clients only the best and true value for their money.

We are positioned to change the outlook of the industry by investing in intensive cattle rearing projects. These projects will increase the production of healthy and sustainable products to feed the consumer markets and help bridge the demand gap.