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SAO Agro’s Journey to the Development of its 20,000Ha Oil Palm Estate.

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In the heart of Ore, Ondo State, South-West Nigeria, our remarkable vision took root. It all began with an ambitious dream – a dream to create something monumental, something that would echo through generations. This is the story of our oil palm journey.


A Dream Takes Root

Our story began with a commitment to revolutionize the oil palm industry and become a trailblazer in modern farming in rural Nigeria. The oil palm has long been valued for its versatility and its cultivation is an excellent source of generating income in Nigeria because of its usefulness. Every part of this remarkable tree, from the stems and sap to the frond stall, kernel, leaves, and fibre, holds value.

Oil palm farm in Nigeria by SAO Agro
                                                       Prenursery seedling: the first stage of Nursery

Planting the Seeds of Success

Our quest for excellence led us to source the finest high-yield oil palm seeds, carefully handpicked from the top Agricultural Research Centers and countries renowned for their expertise in oil palm cultivation such as Malaysia. The decision to import genetically formulated seeds from an agriculture research institute was deliberate, with a determination to infuse a high level of quality and commensurate output into Nigeria’s oil palm industry.

Our journey into planting wasn’t without its lessons. The first phase of the planting of 30,000  seeds and 4,500 seedlings occurred from September to November 2021, as the rainy season was transitioning. Challenges emerged as not all seedlings thrived, but they were essential lessons in our pursuit of success. The key takeaway was the importance of precise timing in agriculture, and it was a valuable learning experience.

As a company dedicated to transforming traditional planting practices, we recognized the significance of early land preparation. This understanding shapes our commitment to advanced planning and execution, ensuring that every step we take leads us closer to our vision.


Main nursery seedling: the second stage of raising the seedling before transplanting it to the permanent site SAO Agro farm
Main nursery seedling: the second stage of raising the seedling before transplanting it to the permanent site


Community Impact and Expansion

Success in the initial planting phase prompted a need for expansion. Our target was to clear 300 hectares, with a goal of approximately 160 palms per hectare. We sought not only to meet but also to surpass industry standards by incorporating advanced technology and superior seedlings.

Our 30,000 oil palm nursery is a testament to our commitment to providing farmers in Nigeria with improved seedlings selected and bred for high yield and output. It doesn’t end there. We’re expanding this nursery into a 50,000-capacity oil palm nursery, all to help more farmers in Nigeria increase their yield and profit.

Through it all, we have had the support of various development and government institutions who recognized the transformative work we were pioneering and enthusiastically backed our expansion.

This expansion plan is a stepping stone to our ambitious 20,000-hectare oil palm plantation. We aim to produce up to 8 tonnes of oil palm per hectare, significantly contributing to Nigeria’s oil palm production. It’s not just a dream; it’s a concrete step toward making our country one of the leading oil palm exporters in the world.

Main nursery seedling. SAO Agro farm Nigeria
                                                                                  Main nursery seedling.

The Future Unfolds

Our vision extends as wide as the vast land we cultivate. We not only aspire to grow over 20,000 hectares of oil palm, additionally, we also envisage the eventual establishment of over 500 industries in the Special Agricultural Processing Zone (SAPZ), thereby creating a comprehensive industrial area dedicated to the production of oil palm and its various derivatives.

Our target is clear: to grow 1 million seedlings every year.

As we construct our new nursery, we take pride in the fact that in just two years, we’ve accomplished this much and this endeavor has created employment opportunities for as many as 1500 workers. We have ensured a payment structure that goes above the minimum wage and continues to address other social needs, reflecting our commitment to executing to the highest standard. It’s a significant investment, and it demonstrates our unwavering dedication to our vision.

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