Press release


Picture of a farm SAO Agro farm.

We are excited to report that we increased our food production and processing output by over 500% and implemented a revolutionary mechanized farming training program (the first of its kind in Nigeria). Throughout these endeavours, our corporate objectives remained clear: to foster socio-economic growth through employment opportunities and boost national food production.

Tackling Crucial Food Shortage Challenges in Nigeria. 

Recognizing the untapped agricultural potential and the complexities within Nigeria’s food supply chain, SAO AGRO remained steadfast in its efforts to bolster food production and processing capabilities.

Our goal for 2023 was clear— increase food production and processing and contribute to Nigeria’s $20 billion oil palm development plans by continuously expanding our 10,000 Ha oil palm estate, creating job opportunities for the indigenes of our host communities and increasing revenues through food production.

We transplanted over 160,000 oil palm seedlings which was a huge milestone. Further into the year, we also initiated a new growth phase and completed the planting of about 45,000 seeds. All these were carefully selected and sourced to ascertain high yield and output, with a projection to deliver about 18 tonnes of oil palm per hectare. Additionally, we are currently preparing a nursery site for an additional 500,000 seedlings to be transplanted across 2,000 hectares in Q2 of 2024. 

Our existing 50,000-capacity boiler farm is also progressing to its next phase, which involves the establishment of a broiler/chicken processing facility with an estimated output of 30,000 processed birds per month. This facility, slated to become the largest of its kind in the country, is set to be completed in Q1 of 2024.

And finally, in 2023, we unveiled our groundbreaking investment and partnership with Decorum Nigeria Limited, a company that focuses on mechanized farming. This new venture aims to revolutionize farming by introducing advanced and innovative mechanization methods. The new enterprise named SAO-Decorum Nigeria Limited gears towards becoming the first private company to certify operators in agricultural operations. Its medium-term goal is to train 1,000 operators, expanding by 100% annually, with 50% of the slots reserved for interested women to promote gender equality and inclusivity.

Furthermore, 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in our workforce we increased our workforce to 1000 daily workers, ensuring their proficiency aligned with global standards through comprehensive training.

As the curtains draw on 2023, our achievements echo our steadfast dedication to fostering social impact, uplifting communities, and towing the path towards a future that is both sustainable and inclusive.