Challenges and Innovations Shaping Nigeria’s Oil Palm Industry

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, relies heavily on rural areas where 90% of the population engages in subsistence farming, with oil palm production playing a significant role. Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) has been a vital economic crop in Nigeria since before colonial times. Recognizing its potential, the British established plantations focused on palm oil production […]

SAO Agro’s Journey to the Development of its 20,000Ha Oil Palm Estate.

SAO Energy: From undergoing energy audits, and designing solar systems to commissioning, we ensure we connect the unconnected.

In the heart of Ore, Ondo State, South-West Nigeria, our remarkable vision took root. It all began with an ambitious dream – a dream to create something monumental, something that would echo through generations. This is the story of our oil palm journey.   A Dream Takes Root Our story began with a commitment to […]