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Farming for the Future: Is SAO Agro’s Farm Estate in Ore a Beacon of Agricultural Progress?

Amidst the rustling leaves and fertile soils, a significant transformation is underway, driven by the expertise of SAO Agro- a leading force in agribusiness- paving the way for progress throughout Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Covering an expansive 20,000 hectares of land, we harbor the aspirations of a continent eager for transformation. Beyond mere cultivation or experimentation, our endeavors aim to revolutionize agriculture.

We operate a solar-powered commercial farm estate set to empower over 100,000 farmers by 2025 and produce more than 160,000 tonnes of oil palm. Additionally, with a commercial production capacity exceeding 50,000 live catfish, a 50,000-capacity boiler farm and a NAFDAC-certified fish processing line, the company aims to revolutionize food production and processing sustainably.

Also in our projections, our focus lies in becoming a dominant force in cashew production through the establishment of a cutting-edge processing facility, geared to handle 50 metric tonnes of cashew products daily. Our ongoing project in Ore, Ondo state anticipates yielding up to 25,000MT of cassava to fortify our supply chain. Additionally, we endeavor to enhance the shea sector by constructing an advanced processing facility capable of processing 100MT of shea into various finished beauty products each day.

Read on to see all the ways this agro-based company is investing and reshaping the world of agriculture in Nigeria.

6 Ways SAO Agro Is Changing the Landscape of Agriculture in Nigeria.

  • Infrastructure Development


To ensure agricultural progress, we are prioritizing infrastructure development for sustainable agriculture. Our business model -using the Special Agro Processing Zone program- is designed to make it easy for other agribusinesses to build on and thrive. Rather than one-off schemes that are not sustainable or scalable, we acheive this by building systems that directly impact growth and profit across the agro-value chain. The SAPZ program promotes functional infrastructure including road networks, power, water, communication facilities to attract private investors and solve food problems— feeding the continent’s largest population.

  • Agricultural Investment and Financing

Most agricultural investments necessitate substantial financing, presenting challenges for bootstrapping. Without proper risk assessment, these investments risk failure. We mitigate these risks by assisting partners and investors in project mapping, risk evaluation, and tailored plan development.

Additionally, our company serves as the lead investor in developing the Ondo Special Agro Processing Zone, backed by the AfDB and the Ondo State Government. With our deep industry involvement, we offer practical investment advisory services to guide stakeholders towards tangible outcomes. For investors looking towards agro projects, here is a place to start

  • Food Security

Food security has reached a critical stage. In 2022, It was estimated that 25 million Nigerians will be food insecure by 2023. The rising inflation, frequent floods and general insecurity continue to affect the production and availability of food. SAO Agro believes that access to food is a basic right of every individual and they ensure this access is obtained through innovative, sustainable agriculture. This is evident in the company’s investment in 50,000 capacity fish farm, 3 tonnes NAFDAC certified fish processing kilns, 50,000-capacity poultry pens, 1200bph processing line, 20k hectare oil palm estate and future investment in Cocoa in 20,000 metric tones. Read more about our projection here.

  • Job Opportunities

With each project we undertake, it is our commitment to generate employment opportunities for the local residents in the communities we serve. Our goal is to empower over 100,000 farmers by 2025, thereby introducing fresh talent into agricultural systems and providing opportunities for skill enhancement. This approach not only benefits new farm workers by exposing them to innovative practices but also enables experienced professionals to acquire advanced techniques, thus enhancing their competitive edge.

  • Social Impact Project Development

Every project undertaken is an attempt to create impact. As a social impact project developer, SAO Agro is building formidable agribusinesses by investing in socially responsible companies. Each project isn’t just a venture; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to social responsibility. Our long-term approach to this ensures that agri-businesses have the extended support that is necessary for large-scale impact. 

  • Vocational and Technical Training

By offering technical and vocational training, highly skilled personnel are equipped to function in different departments and at diverse levels. Additionally, our partnership with Decorum Nigeria Limited signals a new era in agricultural mechanization, focusing on training 1,000 operators, expanding by 100% annually with 50% of the slots allocated to promoting gender equality and inclusivity for interested women in the sector.

Our commitment to agricultural advancement in Nigeria is evident through our significant achievements in 2023. With a remarkable increase in food production and processing output by over 500%, we have been able to make substantial contributions to Nigeria’s food security goals. The implementation of a revolutionary mechanized farming training program underscores its dedication to innovation and sustainability.

In conclusion, we stand on the frontiers of agriculture shining the light for investors, agribusinesses and even smallholder farmers. Championing what transformative farming will look like and how it can change the fortunes of the population. With innovation and sustainable practices, we are set to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s food production and processing sector.

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